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About Anna Marie Padorie (AMP) Diapers

About AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diapers

AMP products are all made in Canada!

AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diapers are very versatile. They can be used as either a pocket diaper, or as an All-In-Two diaper (AI2). They require the use of an absorbent insert (sold separately). Choose between inserts made out of hemp or bamboo. Both are equal in terms of absorbency, but hemp tends to be slightly more durable, while bamboo is silkier to the touch and tends to be slightly trimmer.

When used as a pocket diaper, the insert is stuffed into the diaper (under the fleece), so that the fleece of the diaper is up against baby's skin. Fleece is a great fabric to use in cloth diapers, because it is not inherently absorbent; rather, it will pass moisture away to the insert below, while staying relatively dry. This allows the diaper to be worn for several hours, as baby remains quite comfortably dry. Both the insert and the diaper must be changed for fresh ones at each diaper change.

When used as an AI2, the diaper essentially becomes a diaper cover and the insert is simply placed directly on top. The insert is now what goes up against baby's skin. The insert will feel wet to the touch, and so baby will require more frequent diaper changes in order to remain comfortable. Diaper changes are simply a matter of removing the wet insert and replacing it with a fresh, dry one. Re-use the same diaper (cover) over and over until it becomes soiled! While this method is slightly less convenient than pocket diapering where baby feels dry for several hours at a time, it is more affordable because fewer diapers (covers) are required throughout the day.

AMP diapers are one-size, fitting babies throughout their diapering years (approximately 7 - 38lbs)! They have a series of snaps in the rise to shorten and lengthen the diaper as baby grows. There are 4 leg snaps on either side of the diaper to accommodate ever-changing thigh sizes, and 8 snaps across the front for getting a perfect fit across the middle. With AMP diapers, it is easy to obtain a custom fit for your baby.

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Wash & Care of your AMP diapers

Cloth diapers should be washed in hot water with 1/6 - 1/4 the recommended amount of detergent. Too much detergent will be difficult to rinse out completely, resulting in a detergent build-up, which can lead to smelly or leaky diapers. The simple solution is to wash and rinse diapers in as much water as possible, using as little detergent as possible. Certain detergent brands work better than others for washing and rinsing cloth diapers without leaving a residue (see recommended brands below). Many detergents have additives (optical brighteners, fabric softeners, plant-based oils, etc) which can coat the diaper and cause it to repel fluids, rather than to absorb fluids quickly and completely. Allen's Naturally is one of the most fabulous detergents for washing cloth diapers. It's concentrated, bio-degradable, scent-free and best of all, it doesn't leave a residue!

The following detergent brands are recommended by the makers of AMP Diapers (Please note: If your baby has very sensitive skin the first 3 on the list may be better choices for you)

  • Allen’s Naturally
  • Country Save
  • Norwex
  • Tide
  • Sunlight
  • Cheer
  • Gain

The makers of AMP Diapers have found the following detergents are often reported for causing leaking troubles and rashes. They suggest switching to a recommended brand if you are experiencing problems with leaks or rashes.

  • Claudia's Choices
  • Nature clean
  • Bio-vert
  • Wonderwash
  • La parisienne bio
  • Kirkland (cosco brand)
  • Tide Free and Clear

If you experience leaks try switching detergents or adding less detergent and washing/rinsing in a larger volume of water. If you have a front load washing machine and are having difficulties rinsing the diapers try using the delicate cycle, it helps to rinse the diapers by adding more water than the other cycles.

Cloth diapers can be dried in the dryer on medium heat or hung to dry. If you hang dry your diapers and notice that the waterproof fabric is no longer functioning 100% throw them in the dryer, the heat will refresh the waterproof PUL fabric!

Barrier products such as diaper rash creams (such as zinc oxide), Vaseline and oil-based lotions can transfer from baby's skin onto cloth diapers, creating a barrier and preventing moisture from being absorbed down into the diaper. If the use of such a product is indicated, it is best to avoid transfer onto the diaper by laying down a protective liner.

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