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AppleCheeks Diapers

AppleCheeks are a breakthrough in cloth diapering with their incredibly versatile design. AppleCheeks diapers are fully customizable and fit a larger range of babies than most other comparable products on the market, fitting babies from 7 - 60 lbs! 

They can be either used as a pocket diaper (putting the insert INTO the diaper pocket), or as a diaper cover (laying the insert on top of the diaper, not inside the pocket). AppleCheeks makes a variety of absorbent inserts, so that you can find the perfect amount of absorbency for your baby's needs without being overly bulky! 

Why would you choose to use your AppleCheeks as a pocket diaper, instead of as a diaper cover? 

When used as a pocket system, AppleCheeks diapers provide a lovely stay-dry microfleece barrier between your baby's delicate skin and the wet insert beneath. This is an excellent, convenient way of diapering.

For a more economical cloth diapering solution, every AppleCheeks diaper can also be used as a diaper cover. Simply lay your insert along the top of the microfleece, and then when your baby needs a diaper change, simply change the insert and re-use the diaper cover. When the cover becomes soiled or overly wet, change it up to a new one! With this system, you can get away with having less diapers in your stash (but you'll need to make sure you have enough inserts!).

A combination of both systems can be used to suit your needs. Many people prefer to use pocket diapers for night-time and for diapering out of the house. They use the cover-system when they're hanging out at home and more frequent changes are possible. Remember to have fun and enjoy cloth diapering - there is certainly no "one right way" to do it!

Finding your own way of cloth diapering is part of the Peace Love AppleCheeks philosophy - do what you love and love what you're doing!
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