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Caring for Wool

Wool is a natural fiber and is very breathable. It lets the air circulate which can reduce diaper rash and keep babies cooler. Wool also is naturally anti-bacterial and has a built in ability to hold water. For many families, wool is a favoured overnight solution because of these terrific properties!

Routine Washing (once every 2-3 weeks)

Caring for wool is really easy. It doesn’t retain odour and the covers can be used for 2-3 weeks between washes, unless soiled (poopy). If it’s wet from pee, there is no need to wash it; simply air-dry by turning inside out in between uses.


Simply soak the cover in tepid water for 15 minutes with wool wash detergent. Do not scrub or agitate. Lay flat to dry (after rolling in a towel and gently squeezing to remove excess water). For stain removal, lay flat in the sun. Do not machine-wash or tumble dry.
  • Please note: Wet wool is very delicate. If agitated too much when wet, wool will felt (an irreversible process where wool changes texture and loses elasticity). Never machine-wash wool (not even on the “hand-wash cycle”), and do not handle it excessively in the sink (ie, no scrubbing or wringing). Gentle squeezing and swirling is fine!
  • Also, do not expose your wool to excessive temperatures. Do not wash or lanolize in water that is too hot or too cold. Tepid water is perfect! Never tumble dry your wool.

Lanolizing Wool (once every 4-6 weeks, depending on how often the cover is being used)

Lanolin is an oil found naturally on sheep’s wool. It clings to the wool, keeping it soft and extremely water-resistant! When a wool diaper cover is adequately “lanolized”, it gives the cover the unique ability to be both breathable and water-resistant – the perfect diaper cover! Lanolizing refers to the process where the wool diaper cover is soaked in lanolin-enriched water and then dried. The lanolin will cling to the diaper cover, keeping it water resistant for weeks at a time. The cover can be washed several times before re-lanolizing is necessary.

1) Fill a small sink or container with approximately 1 litre of tepid water (tepid = room temperature)
2) Place a pea-sized amount of pure lanolin (Lansinoh is a great brand – available at Cozy Bums) in a microwave-safe cup. Fill the cup halfway with water. Be sure the lanolin blob is floating in the water. Add 1 tsp or so of Eucalan gentle wool wash or baby shampoo to the cup.
3) Microwave the cup for about 1 minute, until water is very hot and lanolin has dissolved completely into the water.
4) Pour the lanolin-water into the sink of tepid water.
5) Submerge diaper cover into the water. Be sure all of the cover is under the water (parts will float up, that’s ok).
6) Soak the cover for 30mins – 1 hour.
7) GENTLY squeeze water out of the wool cover. DO NOT WRING.
8) Lay flat on a towel. Roll up the towel and step on it. Unroll and lay flat until fully dry.
9) Test water-resistance by dribbling some water onto your cover. If the water simply beads up and rolls around, your cover is nicely lanolized!

Re-Lanolizing Wool

Generally, re-lanolizing will need to be done about once every month or so, depending on how much use your cover gets and how often you have had to wash it (ie, the more frequently you’ve washed it, the more often you’ll have to lanolize it). You’ll notice it’s time to re-lanolize because your cover is (a) wetter than usual after use, or it’s not containing leaks as it used to, or (b) when you go to wash the cover, you notice it readily soaks up some of the water in the sink (a nicely lanolized cover will still eventually soak up water, but it tends to be quite resistant at first).

If you have any questions about caring for your Imagine wool covers, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 1-877-724-COZY (2699), or  contact us!

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