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Choosing the Right GroVia Insert for You

Posted by on 5/4/2015 to Make Cloth Mainstream
One of the most amazing things about modern cloth diapers is the fabulously wide range of options. While those options make cloth diapering fun for the fluff addict, it can be a little daunting for someone new to cloth. GroVia hybrid diapers are one of the best diapers for giving options. What GroVia soaker is the right one for you?

You can choose among the GroVia organic cotton soaker, the stay dry soaker, no-prep soaker, Bio-soaker, or a GroVia prefold.

Reusable GroVia Soakers

Reusable GroVia soakers have a few fantastic things in common.  They are all designed to snap into the GroVia shell, keeping the soaker in place for a superior fit.  The soakers are all backed in TPU to provide waterproofing, making it possible to reuse the shell.  They are also set in two layers to make boosting as easy as slipping a GroVia booster in the middle.  There's also a fabulous gusset on the GroVia soakers, which gives you a double gusset to contain even the most explosive messes your little can produce!

GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker

The GroVia organic cotton soaker is the original insert for GroVia shells.  These soakers are fantastically absorbent and made of 100% organic cotton.  Only material that touches your baby's skin is natural fibers.  Not only is this fabulous for the parent who wants to keep cloth diapering as natural as possible, it's also wonderful for the parent who wants their babies to feel wetness in order to encourage potty learning faster.  This is also the trimmest soaker option that GroVia has to offer.

GroVia Stay Dry Soaker

The GroVia stay dry soaker is fantastic for the baby who is sensitive to wetness.  You get the benefits of natural fiber absorbency, thanks to a four-layer hemp/cotton blend, with a thin layer of microfleece to keep your baby's skin happy.  A match made in heaven for the baby who needs lots of absorbency and extra protection from wetness!  (Note: this soaker has been discontinued by GroVia and is no longer available as of 2017.)

GroVia No-Prep Soaker

Prepping.  It's the bane of the impatient mom's existence!  Who wants to take the time to wash a soaker multiple times for it to reach maximum absorbency?  For the impatient mom who wants to start using cloth diapers right now, the GroVia no-prep soaker is a gift.  The GroVia no-prep soaker is made with four layers of microterry to provide fantastically absorbent protection, then topped with a layer of microfleece... and it's ready to go after one wash!

GroVia Bio-Soaker

Are you dealing with a rash that requires diaper creams?  Going camping or taking vacation?  Or just want the convenience of a disposable diaper with the cuteness of cloth?  Then the GroVia Bio-Soaker is made just for you!  The GroVia Bio-Soaker is disposable... and flushable, compostable, and biodegradable.  So you get all of that convenience without such a negative impact on the landfills.

GroVia Prefolds

GroVia prefolds are a wonderfully thirsty solution for heavy wetters.  They are a bamboo/cotton blend, which means that they are an excellent option for overnight... and for a mom who is looking for the most cost effective cloth diaper options, GroVia prefolds are a great, lower cost way to go!

Which GroVia soaker option is the best for you?



Lindsay Gallimore
Date: 5/4/2015
Despite having lots of love for GroVia shells, I've actually not yet tried their snap-in soakers, only their prefolds! Right now I think the cotton one is right for us, because I want my son to start noticing when he's wet..... cuz, you know... potty learning...

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