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Cozy Bucks!

Cozy Bums is pleased to offer you rewards for your loyalty!  We’re happy to introduce you to Cozy Bucks!

What Are Cozy Bucks?
Cozy Bucks is our rewards program.  For every dollar you spend, you get one point.  For every dollar that you spend on a Canadian product, you get TWO points.  You can redeem these Cozy Bucks points for Cozy Bums gift certificates!

How can I earn Cozy Bucks?
Shop with Cozy Bums Diapers and write Cozy Bums Diapers product reviews!  Every dollar you spend will earn one Cozy Bucks point.  Every dollar spent on a Canadian product will earn you two Cozy Bucks points.  Each approved Cozy Bums product review that you write is worth 4 Cozy Bucks points.  If you write the first approved product review on any Cozy Bums product, we'll credit 10 Cozy Bucks points to your account.  We will periodically offer bonus points and other fun events to add value to your cloth diaper purchases!

How do I redeem my Cozy Bucks?
You can redeem your Cozy Bucks through buying Cozy Bums gift certificates in $5 denominations or you can redeem for merchandise.

Are there any exclusions to Cozy Bucks?
Points earned for Cozy Bucks are on pre-tax dollar amounts.  So an item that costs $20 before taxes will earn 20 points.  Gift certificates, sales items, and clearance items are not eligible for Cozy Bucks points.  

Can I give my points away?
Cozy Bucks are non-transferrable.

Can I get Cozy Bucks points on previous purchases?
Unfortunately, points cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made before the beginning of the Cozy Bucks program.

What happens if I return an item that I earned points on?
When an item is returned, the points earned will be deducted.  If there are not sufficient points (it would leave you less than zero points in your account), we will deduct the points value from your refund.

How long do points last?
Cozy Bucks points never expire. 

How much are Cozy Bucks points worth?
Each Cozy Bucks point is worth one penny.  A penny may not sound like much… but it works out to rewards of 1% on all applicable Cozy Bums purchases!

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