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Diaper Lingo

Pockets, prefolds, fitteds, covers, doublers.... We have provided a few definitions to help you navigate today's cloth diapering world:


All-In-One (AIO) Waterproof, absorbent, fitted... all sewn together in one tidy bundle! Just as easy as a disposable, but don't throw it away!
All-In-Two (AI2) A two-part system composed of an absorbent inner with a completely separate diaper cover that is placed over top for waterproofing. This is an inexpensive option because the diaper cover can be reused several times throughout the day; simply replace the absorbent inner (the part that goes up against baby's skin and which holds the baby's "output") for a clean one at each diaper change, and use the same cover again and again until it becomes soiled! The absorbent inner can be anything - a prefold diaper, a flat diaper, a fitted diaper, or any absorbent pad!
Diaper Cover A removable waterproof shell for use with fitteds, prefolds and other non-waterproof diapers. Covers can be made of wool, fleece or PUL (polyurethane laminate) to name a few popular fabrics.
Doubler Usually made of several layers of absorbent fabric (such as hemp) sewn together and laid inside your diaper to increase or "double" the absorbency during those times when the diaper will be worn for a long stretch of time (such as night-time diapering). Doublers are often bone-shaped to maintain a trim design and so as not to add too much bulk between the legs. They work especially well in pocket diapers - just stuff them right into the pocket along with the regular insert!
Fitted Diaper A fitted diaper is an absorbent diaper that is shaped and contoured to fit your baby. It may employ elastics, snaps, pins, or velcro to achieve a snug fit. A waterproof diaper cover is required.
Hybrid Diaper A versatile All-In-Two (AI2) diaper that uses either a reusable insert or a disposable insert. This hybrid system is convenient for those who want to cloth diaper their children but who sometimes require a disposable option (often preferred by daycares or those who are away from home often). Depending on the brand, the disposable inserts are usually fully biodegradable and/or flushable.
Insert The absorbent pad which gets stuffed into any pocket diaper such as bumGenius, Funky Fluff and Easy Peasies. Inserts can also be laid directly on top a diaper cover when used in an All-In-Two system.
Liners Reusable or flushable, liners are laid directly on top of the inside of any cloth diaper (so that the liner is what touches baby's skin). They are an optional "extra", designed to make cleanup easier, and to help prevent diaper cream from transferring onto your diaper (if and when diaper cream is used). Microfleece liners can be laid inside any diaper to create a stay-dry layer that will wick moisture away from baby and into the diaper.
Prefolds The most economical choice in cloth diapering, a prefold is basically several layers of cotton (or other absorbent fiber) sewn together in a large rectangle shape. Once you've gotten the hang of folding this diaper around your baby, you'll discover that this style of diaper is truly a wonderfully absorbent, very economical diapering option. A waterproof diaper cover is required.
Pocket Diaper A waterproof cloth diaper that resembles a pocket, in that it has an opening through which the absorbent core of the diaper (the insert) can be stuffed in or removed as desired. This is advantageous as opposed to having the insert sewn right into the diaper, because you can customize the absorbency of your diaper by adding more or fewer inserts, depending on your needs. This style of diaper will also wash and dry quicker, and more thoroughly, as the insert(s) will wash independently from the waterproof outer shell, allowing water and detergent to penetrate much more readily in the washing machine.
PUL Polyeurethane Laminate, the waterproof lining used in many brands of cloth diapers and wet bags, including AppleCheeks, Best Bottom, and bumGenius.

But what about those abbreviations that show up on Facebook groups and online? Navigating the cloth diaper specific abbreviations can become a second language! No fear: here's the basics.


AIO: All-in-One

AI2: All-in-Two

AMP: Annie Marie Padore

BB: Best Bottom

BG: bumGenius

CD: cloth diapers

EP: Easy Peasies

FF: Funky Fluff

OTW: On The Bum

PW: Planet Wise

PUL: Polyurethane Laminate

TPU: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

WAHM: Work At Home Mom

WAHD: Work At Home Dad

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