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Easy Peasies Warranty

Warranty Information

At Easy Peasies we care about quality. We inspect our products after manufacturing and again before shipping to retailers and customers. If you happen to receive a defective product we sincerely apologize. Please read through our warranty information below and contact us with the applicable information for the product in question.

With every issue in order to provide an exchange or free product repair we require proof of purchase, and photos of the item in question.

Warranties are non transferable and do not apply to normal wear & tear of the products. Please see details.

The Easy Peasies Pocket, AIO, and Swim Diaper Warranty Coverage

Fallen off snaps will be replaced by Easy Peasies if a claim is opened within 18 months from date of purchase. This type of defect is defined as a workmanship claim since it is likely that a fallen-off snap was not properly attached.

Cracked or broken snaps will be replaced if the item is new in package only, or unprepped. This type of issue was likely to have occurred during transit of the item while in transit from manufacturing, or to the vendor.

If a cracked or broken snap occurred during laundering etc, we will can send you the snaps to replace those affected on your Easy Peasies diapers but this is not classified as a manufacturing defect.

Delamination of PUL is covered for claims placed within 1 year of purchase with photos and proof of purchase. We require a description of laundry and care methods used by the customer and return of defective merchandise for internal quality control inspection purposes. Should the issue be a manufacturing defect, and a replacement is determined to be necessary, we will replace the diaper with the current model, or most comparable item available.

Cracked PUL occurs when PUL is extremely dried out. This can occur because of detergent, laundry treatments, water quality, and other factors varying from customer to customer. This is a care issue, and for that reason we do not cover cracked PUL under warranty.

Elastics are covered for 60 days with photos and proof of purchase. Because elastics can be affected by factors such as extremely high temperatures, storing in airtight containers, hard water, stripping, bleaching, vinegar, scented detergents, putting diapers on too tight (overstretching), and stuffing diapers while hot from the dryer, any issues occurring prematurely with elastics are not manufacturer or workmanship defects.

Inserts, Trifolds & Prefolds Warranty Coverage

We cover manufacturer or workmanship defects on inserts for 30 days. This includes torn fabric or compromised stitches not related to laundering or use.

The Warranty Excludes: Normal wear, tears, cuts, abrasions, stains, pilling fleece, leaks, and items sold as seconds quality.

Shipping items back for return

When items must be returned we ask that customers use the most cost effective shipping method available. This can be obtained using a stay flat, rigid mailer envelope and should cost between $2-$3. If the customer requires reimbursement for shipping, please send a copy of your receipt to info@easypeasies.com. Reimbursements are made in the form of Easy Peasies store credit only. 

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