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Easy Peasies Washing Instructions

Set wash on cold or warm water setting

**When using a front load washing machine, run a delicate cycle with your diapers in the washer first, this uses the most amount of water and will fully saturate your diapers, follow by your regular wash routine.**

**When using a top load washing machine, be sure there is enough water for the diapers to agitate freely. The inserts should come out if there is enough water during the agitation cycle.**

Add the recommended amount of detergent to the regular (or heavy if preferred) wash cycle. (Use a softener free laundry detergent. Softeners contain oils that can cause your diapers to repel water and result in leaking. Scents and dyes and cause irritation on your baby's sensitive skin- if this occurs try opting for a scent free/dye free detergent. Using scent free is not a requirement, but it is a recommendation for the health of your baby.)

Once your wash cycle is complete follow by the Extra Rinse cycle. If your machine does not offer an extra rinse cycle you can do a pre-rinse cycle instead.

You can air dry your diapers on an indoor rack, hang on the clothesline (fleece facing the sun), or dry in the dryer on medium heat. 

Avoid high or extreme heating of your diapers. This can ruin the waterproofing of the PUL fabric and ultimately cause leaks. Do not iron.

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