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The Flip System is the system that can be all things. 

The Flip system is budget friendly: reuse the cover over and over again; just change the insert when wet or soiled.  That means you spend less money on diapers!  Save even more buy choosing a package option.

The Flip system is less laundry: because only the insert is changed every time, your diaper pail will take longer to fill up!

The Flip system is designed to last from birth to potty training: this cover can fit from approximately 8-35 pounds!

The Flip system is options: choose a newborn stay dry insert, one size stay dry insert, organic daytime insert, or overnight insert.  Use whichever insert best fits your needs!

How to use: put insert of choice in cover. Put on baby. To change, open cover, remove insert, and replace with a fresh insert!

Flip diapers are made in the United States.

Please note that, unfortunately, we are unable to ship bumGenius and Flip products to the United States.
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Flip Day Pack
Average Rating(8)
$75.80  $71.80
Enough Flip for an average day! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Day Time Organic Cotton Day Pack
Average Rating(2)
$93.80  $89.80
Enough Flip for an average day! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Day Time Organic Insert
Average Rating(9)
Single layer of absorbent cotton for a custom fit! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Disposable Inserts 18/pk
Average Rating(6)
The convenience of a disposable insert, but still biodegradable!
Flip Individual Set: Day Time Organic Cotton
Average Rating(3)
$28.30  $26.30
Expected ship date: 7/16
Flip Individual Set: Stay-Dry
Average Rating(3)
$25.30  $23.30
(Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip one-size diaper cover
Average Rating(22)
$18.95  $16.95
(Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Organic Night Time Insert
Average Rating(5)
Organic overnight absorbency! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Stay-Dry Insert
Average Rating(5)
In Stock.
Flip Double Day Pack
Average Rating(1)
$136.75  $135.95
Free shipping & 5% off! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Lifestyle Pack
Average Rating(1)
Get your eighth cover & 1insert FREE! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
Flip Organic Double Day Pack
Average Rating(0)
Organic cotton inserts for your baby! (Expected ship date: 7/16)
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