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Flip cloth diapers are a fabulous one size hybrid cloth diaper from Cotton Babies, the makers of bumGenius. These covers have convenient flaps on the front and back to keep your favourite insert or prefold in place. If you'd like a stay dry option, Flip stay dry inserts do a great job of wicking away moisture from baby's skin. If you're going on holiday or a trip, Flip disposable inserts are an environmentally friendly disposable choice. If you'd prefer only natural fibers touching your baby's skin, Flip organic inserts for daytime or nighttime are fabulous!

How to use: put insert of choice in cover. Put on baby. To change, open cover, remove insert, and replace with a fresh insert!

Flip diapers are made in the United States.

Please note that, unfortunately, we are unable to ship bumGenius and Flip products to the United States.

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Flip Day Pack
Average Rating(8)
$75.80  $71.80
Enough Flip for an average day!
Flip Day Time Organic Cotton Day Pack
Average Rating(2)
$93.80  $89.80
Enough Flip for an average day!
Flip Day Time Organic Insert
Average Rating(9)
Single layer of absorbent cotton for a custom fit!
Flip Disposable Inserts 18/pk
Average Rating(6)
The convenience of a disposable insert, but still biodegradable!
Flip Individual Set: Day Time Organic Cotton
Average Rating(3)
$28.30  $26.30
In Stock.
Flip Individual Set: Stay-Dry
Average Rating(3)
$25.30  $23.30
In Stock.
Flip one-size diaper cover
Average Rating(22)
$18.95  $16.95
In Stock.
Flip Organic Night Time Insert
Average Rating(5)
Organic overnight absorbency!
Flip Stay-Dry Insert
Average Rating(5)
In Stock.
Flip Lifestyle Pack
Average Rating(1)
Get your eighth cover & one insert FREE!
Cozy Bums All-in-Two Mystery Sampler Bumdle
Average Rating(0)
Can't decide? Try them all!

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