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Newborn Cloth Diapers

Why Newborn Cloth Diapers?

Often, when people decide to use cloth diapers, they decide that they'll use one size cloth diapers. After all, birth to potty training sound perfect. However, most parents find that one size diapers are too bulky or don't fit their tiny newborn baby just right. With newborn cloth diapers, however, you'll get the best possible fit even on your tiniest baby. Because newborn cloth diapers are meant to fit a smaller size range, they are a smaller size and will be nice and trim on your little baby.

The benefits of newborn cloth diapers goes beyond good fit. If you're planning on having another child, those newborn diapers will keep nicely. Because they are used for a relatively short time in your child's life, they will be in excellent condition for future babies. This also reduces use of your one size diapers that your child will eventually grow into, which means that they will last longer, too.

Newborn Cloth Diapers Size or Age Range?

Before investing in newborn diapers, everyone wants to know how much use they will get out of them. The simple answer is: it depends. It depends on how small your baby is when she is born. It depends on how fast he grows. It also depends on which newborn cloth diapers you choose. Easy Peasies fits preemies as small as two pounds and up to twelve pounds. Imagine Baby fits as early as four pounds. AppleCheeks size 1 envelope covers fit from six to twenty pounds. Other all-in-one (aio) cloth diapers fit from approximately six to twelve pounds.

For newborn cloth diapers, Canada chooses Cozy Bums! Cozy Bums Diapers offers a wide range in newborn cloth diapers so that we can set you up with the diapers that best fit your family's budget and needs. All of our brands are premium products. We also offer package deals on newborn cloth diapers to help you get the best savings!  Order your newborn cloth diapers now so that they'll be ready when your little one comes home.

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Bittees Newborn Diapers - All in One
Average Rating(7)
$15.99  $14.39
Fits 5-15 pounds!
Imagine Newborn Stay Dry All-in-One
Average Rating(4)
$14.50  $12.33
In Stock.
AMP Sized Duo Pocket Diapers Size Small & 3 layer hemp booster insert
Average Rating(1)
$21.95  $19.76
A perfect fit from 6-18 pounds!
Thirsties Newborn All-in-One
Average Rating(2)
$20.95  $18.86
In Stock.
Imagine Newborn Stay Dry All-in-One 6-Pack
Average Rating(0)
$82.65  $78.30
A budget-friendly newborn package!
Thirsties Newborn All-in-One 6-Pack
Average Rating(0)
$120.25  $113.13
In Stock.
GroVia All-In-One (AIO) Newborn Diaper
Average Rating(5)
$21.95  $18.66
In Stock.
AMP Hemp Fitted
Average Rating(10)
$22.95  $19.51
Out of Stock.
AppleCheeks Diaper Size 1 (7 - 20lbs)
Average Rating(20)
$20.75  $17.64
In Stock.
GroVia Newborn All-In-One (AIO) 12 pack
Average Rating(1)
$237.06  $223.89
In Stock.

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