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Nuggles Warranty

At Nuggles™ we have very high standards for quality control and we are proud of the excellent products we produce with relatively very few warranty issues. Each item is hand-inspected at our Canadian office before packaging.

Our warranty does NOT cover: normal wear & tear, leaking, diaper odor, pilling, snags, shrinkage, fit or sizing issues. To make a warranty claim please call 1-877-795-6458 or email info@nuggles.ca.

Please ensure you follow our recommended care instructions.

With every issue, repair or exchange we require proof of purchase and photos of the diaper(s). Our warranty is extended to the original owner only, and does not apply to items purchased as “Seconds” quality.
Our warranty on Covers and Diapers encompasses Snap issues for 18 months, elastic defects for 60 days (exempting known issues) and workmanship/sewing defects for 30 days. Our warranty on inserts covers sewing defects only for 30 days. Our warranty on wetbags and other accessories covers defects on zippers and sewing for 30 days.
Delamination: We replace all diapers with delaminated PUL that are claimed within a year of purchase, with proof of purchase. Exemptions are colours with known issues. We ask for photos of the delamination for confirmation, and once photos have been received and delamination confirmed we will send an e-mail with a few questions for the customer to answer relating to care, and we will provide an address for return of defective merchandise. We require returns of delaminated diapers for internal quality control purposes.
Snaps: We cover snap issues for 18 months on diapers that were purchased directly from Nuggles or authorized Nuggles retailers, with proof of purchase. We ask for photos if the snap has broken, popped off or chipped. If the snap has broken cleanly and can be replaced this is an option - if not, we will replace the diaper completely for the customer. If the snap doesn't stay snapped, or won't snap it can often simply be tightened and will be completely usable. If you have access to a snap press this is an easy fix. Alternately, the diaper can be shipped back to us and we will fix it free of charge. Proof of purchase is required.
Stretched Elastics: We cover issues with elastics for 60 days, with proof of purchase. Elastics stretch over time and this is inevitable. Factors such as hard water, constant stripping, use of fabric softeners, bleach, vinegar or scented detergents, extreme high temperatures, smaller than recommended stashes, as examples, can affect the life of an elastic and are out of our control. We offer elastic replacement for $5/diaper directly from nuggles.ca for diapers with elastic that fall outside the warranty period. If there is an issue with elastics within 60 days of purchase we will require photos, proof of purchase and details of the issue at hand.
Inserts: We cover all manufacturing defects on both viscose from bamboo and microfiber/polyester inserts for 30 days with proof of purchase. This includes pre-existing rips to the fabric or sewing-related issues.
100% Natural fibre diapers & prefolds: Due to the nature of the fabrics used, specifically organic cotton, and velours, disintegration from wear and washing of the fabric is to be expected, and does not effect the function of the product. Manufacture defects of the fabric are covered for the first 30 days. Shrinking and thinning of fabric is not covered under warranty. Use of bleach, vinegar, caustic chemicals (such as, but not limited to Borax), acidic spot treatments, enzymes, fabric softeners, extremely high temperatures, scented detergents, etc. can cause excessive wear and tear, and will void all warranty on natural fibre diapers.
Warranty may be voided: includes, but is not limited to the following:
? Failure to follow washing instructions (provided on the product packaging)
? Washing in water tempuratures exceeding 140°F/60°C
? Washing with detergents containing additives (whiteners, brighteners, enzymes, dyes, perfumes, oils, fabric softeners, bleaching agents, natural soaps
? Soaking for periods greater than 2 hours
? Exposure to caustic substances
? Diaper rash creams that can cause build ups
? Excessive wash routine/excessive wear & tear
? Accidental damage (eg. Damage caused by getting caught/torn in washing machine)
Our warranty does NOT cover: normal wear & tear, leaking, diaper odor, pilling, snags, shrinkage, fit or sizing issues.
Used Items: Our warranty does not cover any used items purchased second-hand. We only cover products purchased new directly from Nuggles or from our retailers. Warranty cannot be transferred.
Shipping items back to Nuggles: We ask all customers to send their diapers back to Nuggles the most cost-effective way possible. If customers are asked to mail defective products back to us and require us to reimburse for shipping, please advise us accordingly. We do, however, require a photo or scan of the receipt from the postal service. We reimburse via PayPal. We do not cover shipping charges originating outside of Canada. All Canadian returns will be directed to Nuggles HQ in Canada.
Any questions regarding our warranty or eligibility should be directed to Nuggles Customer Care toll-free 1-877-795-6458 or info@nuggles.ca.

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