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Nuggles Washing Instructions

Proper care is essential in extending the life of your diapers. Remember though, even with the best care, they don't last forever! Washing too often, storing in wet pails, using harsh detergents, additives or treatments, and dryer heat can prematurely wear out your diaper's fabrics and elastics.

Preparation is key! All diapers, covers and inserts should be washed before use. Natural fibre diapers or inserts containing bamboo should be pre-washed at least 3 times, and full absorbency will not be achieved until after 10 washes.

Wash every 2-3 days. Use a cold pre-rinse if you find it necessary. Wash with warm water and an extra rinse. If you have a hE machine, use the setting that gives you maximum water levels, and an agitation time greater than 45 minutes. DO NOT use steam or sanitize options, or water temperatures that exceed 140°F/60°C. DO NOT soak in a wet pail between washes. DO NOT use bleach, vinegar, whiteners, enzyme cleaners and fabric softeners.

Dry with as little heat as possible. We always recommend hanging to dry, especially with our Tuck-Wrap-Go covers as dryer heat is hard on velcro, and our covers will air dry within 2 hours. For machine dry, use LOW only, or AIR. Using medium or high dryer heat repeatedly can cause elastic to relax or crack, and can cause our natural fibre diapers/prefolds to shrink too quickly and cause pulling at the seams or even holes.

Use only cloth diaper safe ointments with your diapers. Do not use rash creams that contain petroleum or zinc ingredients.

Store your clean, fully dry diapers, in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat. Store your dirty diapers in a dry pail or wetbag between washes.

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