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Prepping Natural Fibers

Hemp, bamboo, and cotton are incredibly absorbent natural fibers, making them perfect textiles for use within pocket or pouch diapers! 

Priming your natural fibre inserts

Hemp, bamboo, and cotton all have naturally-occurring oils. It is important to strip away these oils before they are fully absorbent.
 Priming inserts can be done quickly on the stove-top. This method is convenient when only a small number of inserts need to be primed:  
  1. Place insert in a pot with 1 litre of boiling water.
  2. Boil insert for 10 minutes. Be sure to watch that enough water is in the pot during boiling. The insert will absorb a large amount of water, and some will evaporate away. If the water level becomes low during boiling, simply add more water.
  3. Dry insert thoroughly before use.

If you have a great deal of fabric to prime (ie, you have 6 or more inserts), you may wish to skip the boiling and simply prime them in the washing machine. Wash all of your inserts together in hot water with detergent. Repeat so they have been washed 2-3 times. Rinse well. If priming in the washer, it is best to wash your natural fibres separately from other diapering components, because any natural oils released during this priming process might transfer onto your diapers, and cause a problem with repelling.  After the initial 2-3 separate pre-washes, natural-fiber inserts can be washed along with other diaper components with no problem.

How to Use your Hemp or Bamboo Insert

Depending on the size of your insert, fold it into a shape relative to the size and shape of the pocket or pouch opening of your diaper. You may customize the folding so that any extra layers are placed strategically in "heavy wetting" zones (in front for a boy, in the middle for a girl). Stuff your diaper and use! Shake it out of the diaper before dropping everything into your diaper pail

How to Wash your Hemp or Bamboo Insert 

Simply toss it into the wash with your cloth diapers and wipes! We recommend washing with hot water. Please be sure the detergent is washed out completely, as over time a detergent build-up may cause the fibres to retain smells, or even to repel moisture rather than absorb it. Tumble dry or hang to dry. 

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