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Sampler Diaper Kits

Wondering what's the best cloth diaper? Overwhelmed by options? We've got your solution! Cozy Bums Sampler Cloth Diaper Bumdles are the perfect packages for you to experiment with the cloth diapering capabilities. Each package is lovingly assembled to give you the cutest coordinated bundle of diapers. Don't worry about figuring out what you're looking for. Try all of them, and save 11% on all of our sampler bumdles!
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Natural Fiber All-in-One Sampler Cozy Bumdle
Average Rating(0)
In Stock.
GroVia Hybrid vs. ONE vs AIO Sampler
Average Rating(0)
When in doubt, try them all!
GroVia Hybrid vs. ONE vs AIO Sampler PLUS
Average Rating(0)
Get a GroVia Limited Edition Ice Cream Wet Bag as a gift to you!
Cozy Bumdle Newborn Sampler
Average Rating(5)
In Stock.
Cozy Bumdle Pocket Sampler
Average Rating(2)
Perfect for testing them all!
Cozy Bumdle All-In-One Sampler
Average Rating(3)
Get an assortment so you can give everything a chance!
bumGenius Flip Sampler
Average Rating(0)
In Stock.
Cozy Bums All-in-Two Mystery Sampler Bumdle
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Out of Stock.

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