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The Bare Necessities

Still a little frightened by cloth diapering?

It really is very simple. Once you have your equipment, there is no need to keep running out to the store for more supplies (unlike using disposables!).

Here are the bare (bottom!) necessities:


Your time:

Every 2 or 3 days, toss everything from your diaper pail into the wash. Add detergent and press 'start' on your washer. Transfer everything to the dryer. Bingo! You're done. Was it really that bad?


Your supplies:

  • 18-24 small diapers (newborns need 10-12 diaper changes per day)  
  • 12-18 medium diapers (older babies need about 6-8 diaper changes per day)

  • 24 one-size diapers (these will fit newborns up to potty-training ages!)

  • 18-24 cloth wipes  
  • Lidded container to keep your cloth wipes moist  
  • Diaper pail (try a washable diaper pail bag!)
  • Cloth-friendly laundry detergent
  • Waterproof diaper totes to separate clean from dirty diapers when you're out and about
  • Night-time diapering boosters (2 or 3).

That's all!

Once you have your supplies, the only thing you'll need to purchase again is laundry detergent. By cloth diapering, you are doing a wonderful thing for your baby, your planet, and your budget.


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