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bumGenius and Flip Washing Instructions

Although many detergents will work well when washing cloth diapers, it is important to find one that effectively cleans your diapers and works well for the needs of your whole family. Laundry detergents that work well for a baby’s regular clothing may also be suitable for cloth diapers.

Some detergents contain ingredients such as perfumes, dyes, optical brighteners, and fabric softeners that may leave residue on fabric. In our experience, detergent residue can be problematic for cloth diapers and for little ones with skin sensitivities. If your child seems to be having issues with skin sensitivites, we recommend seeking the advice of a physician. In some cases, you may want to consider an alternate detergent choice.

Cotton Babies recommends using detergents that clean your diapers well and work well for your whole family.

Due to the concern over sensitivities and residues, we at Cozy Bums recommend cloth diaper friendly detergents where conditions apply. 

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